Blackjacks (Newcastle)

 Kindly supplied by Tom Mason who wrote:

Hello Alan, 

I 'stumbled' across the site after searching for Rue and the Rockets because I worked in the same club as them in Carlisle on Saturday. I was lead vocalist with the Newcastle 'Blackjacks' from 1964 until 1968 when the group members went their separate ways. I replaced 'Ace Diamond' as lead vocalist after attending an audition at Rye Hill Youth Club in Newcastle. The Blackjacks were managed by 'The Missus', Mrs Hargreaves who was also the drummer,s mother. The group consisted of 'Big George' on lead guitar, Bob on rhythm guitar, Bob on bass and Harry on drums. The only one I have met since those days is Bob the rhythm player who joined the 'Body Snatchers'. During 1968 I helped form 'The Magic Roundabout' with Derek on lead guitar, George on rhythm (later bass), Bob on bass and Howard on drums. We worked the North East W.M. club scene for a couple of years before disbanding. I then went through various stages of club work in trios and duos ('The Wright Brothers') learning to work with club organists and drummers using 'dots'. This continues to the present day as I am, at 62 years young, work as a self-contained (using mini disc) vocalist 'Paul Anthony'. The information on your site stimulated many happy memories of the groups from the 'Swinging Sixties' era. Keep up the good work and best wishes. 

Cheers, Tom Mason

If anyone has any pics or memorabilia of the Newcastle Blackjacks I would appreciate a copy for our records.