Remember these Groups?

There were literally hundreds of semi-pro local groups scattered around the North East of England in the Sixties.

It seemed that every village had one or more. They often started out playing at youth club, school or church functions and then, as their equipment and expertise improved, they moved on to the Workingmen's Club circuit where work was plentiful and you actually got paid - up to Ten Guineas a night.

It was not unusual for the top local groups to work five or six nights per week - sometimes managing to do two bookings in the same night.

Johnny Gun, of the Rockin' D-Jays, recently found an old diary which showed that they worked 83 consecutive nights in the Sixties and still did a "proper job" during the day.

This section is a tribute to those groups. Listed on the left are those we have tracked down to date. Just click on the name to bring up the details.

If you have any photos or memorabilia you would like to include on this please contact    Alan Prudhoe.