The following pic was obtained for us by Colin Howson who writes


Alan - I got this picture of really early Gringo's from Colin Morland's wife Dorothy - she lives in Florida and is planning to come over here this summer and hopefully catch the VSL night while she's here.
This photo was taken before George and Don Bolam joined - Colin is on the left, Barry wardle on the right, George Hall (bass player) 3rd from left (he lives in Australia now) - the others I don't know - perhaps if you're in touch with Barry he can shed light?
cheers, Colin

Barry has now identified the mystery members.

Line-up (l to r) Colin Morland, Jimmy Greenwood (Manager) George Hall, Paul Urwin, Lenny Mason and Barry Wardle

The following pics were kindly supplied by Barry Wardle who was a member of the group

Thanks to Paul Robinson for the following info:


My Name is Paul, and my dad is Michael Robinson, who he and my mam believe was the first keyboard player in the band. He is sure that he is playing the keyboard in the last photo you have on the site, which shoes a voxpops keyset. I am attaching a photo that we found showing in clockwise,Don and George Bolam, George Hall, Colin Morland, Barry Wardle and in the Middle my father Mike Robinson. My 2 daughters who are at present 10 an 14 are abolutely over the moon that grandad was a poptsar in Durham!!!!



So there you are girls. Your Grandad was indeed a pop star!! :)