These pics and information were kindly supplied by Pete Townshend (great name for a guitarist) who now lives in Wales. 

Pete wrote:

Hello Alan.
I've just come across the Vintage Sixties Live web site.
Outstanding !!!

I was in a group called The Phantoms from 1962 - 1965

We were 5 to begin with. Colin White, Dave Moore, Dennis Hutchinson, Malcolm Scott and me, Peter Townsend.
Dennis didn't continue much after the first year.
I moved away from the North East in 1965 and carried on playing drums until 1979.
Dave Moore left the band just at the time I moved away and he joined The Short Blues Line. I see they are featured on the site.
Coiln White kept playing guitar for some time.
Hence the band split up in 1965

We were based in Consett and began playing around the local youth clubs, church dances, as many groups did.
Then the inevitable Working Men's Clubs.
We then progressed to many of the places that the other groups that are featured on the site.
Some favourites were:
Mayfair and Majestic in Newcastle.
Essoldo in Chester le Street. See poster attached and this poster shows The Avlons were playing in the same week as us.
Roxy in Blyth. See poster attached
Castles Ballroom in Annfield Plain
Palais de Dance in Stanley

We also played up in the dales at many village halls and YFC events.

I listened to the Tow Law, New Years Eve story and believe it or not I think we were playing in Tow Law on the same night. Although we were playing in the village hall.

Happy days, like most groups, we all had a great time and many stories to tell. 

I am living in Carmarthen now, but have planned to come to the next Vintage Sixties Club night on the 13th November. The other members of the group all still live in the consett area so hopefully we can all come along.

I look forward to a great night.

 I am sure many of the ex-group members of VSL will remember those venues well - Castles Ballroom "Music whilst you fight" Heh! Heh!

Chester Ballroom - when a fight started all the girls used to jump up on the stage out of the way.(Great for the group to hide behind) - Happy days.