From Teesside - information kindly supplied by Lawrence Atkinson who takes up the story

I was the founder of The Tempests and lead guitarist
from the group’s inception (first paid gig - Trinity Hall, Yarm Lane,
Stockton, 11th February 1961) until I left for university in September 1963
– I believe the group disbanded the following year.
Reading the names of the groups really brought back memories.  Many were
after my time but I well remember The Midnighters (probably the first group
I ever saw and Ray Hudson, their bass player, was a regular stand-in when
our bass player was on holiday), The Denvers (Roy Smith and I were both at
Grangefield), The Zephyrs (we shared the bill more than once at the Jubilee
Hall when we were all working the Southern Border Dances circuit), The
Panthers (all young lads at the time, with superb equipment and a great
sound) and The Johnny Taylor Five (in particular, I remember standing in for
their lead guitarist to support The Beatles at The Astoria Ballroom in
Middlesbrough in June 1963 – certainly a night to remember)!
Rowland Taylor recalls The Panthers winning the Rhythm Group of the Year
competition.  That must have been in 1963.  The Tempests won it the previous
year and part of our prize was an appearance on “North at Six” with Frank
Bough the following night – making The Tempests the first Teesside group to
appear on TV (see attached newspaper cutting).

Personnel, from left to right, Ivan Thompson (bass), Alec Geddes (vocals), Bob Simpson (drums),

Reg Davidson (rhythm guitar and secondary vocals), Laurence Atkinson (lead guitar).