Val and Audrey Pearson

Sisters Audrey and Val Pearson who were resident at the Spennymoor Top Hat during the late Sixties.

They also appeared in various acts as Karin Carter and Paula Lincoln

Taken at the Mecca Locarno in Sunderland in 1968.

They were formerly known as the Ted Poole set and featured sisters Val and Audrey.

Does anyone remember the names of the other musicians?

The John Barton Combo who were; John Barton, Val Pearson (Karin Carter), Pete Peters, Dougie Turner,( Bill Waite, (sadly not with us), Audrey Pearson (Paula Lincoln), Ginger Butler, Richie Slater and Dave Hammond. Together for approx, 3 years at the Top Hat , Spennymoor from 1968 - 1971.